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Our French team is endowed with an advantageous combination of experience and youth: years of working on a large variety of projects and cases is fused with innovative thinking and natural perception of digital culture and modern solutions.

Most of our developing forces are mainly situated in Russia, but the Noveo Paris team is always here to help you out with any questions at any stage of your project onsite. Our managers accompany the project from the discussion stage to the end of the warranty period and even after. Each project is exclusive for us and receives an individual approach. Having worked with us on one project and experienced the advantages of our methods, it is not unusual for our customers to entrust us with further projects. We have more than a few multi-year projects with large teams to our credit, but also quite a number of smaller, but not least successful startups.

We are devoted to our job and put our heart and soul into work. We are always glad to get to know new customers and support new ideas in becoming reality. Looking forward to meeting you!

We can consult you on any question, provide an estimation of the planned work in order to come to a profitable collaboration

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