A game application on Android

We value our customers’ preference not to reveal projects we have done for them in public marketing materials. So there are no names and direct links on the applications we have done, only description of functionality, expertise, and technologies.

Business goal

To promote a new product, the company decided to launch an online game for the fans of the brand.

The game workflow was devoted to the space theme and included 3 types of challenges:

  • to shoot a short film showing how fast the gamer can turn round;
  • to make a photo proving users capacity to be in the state of weightlessness;
  • to decode the word hidden in the audio recording.

Before the task the main character of the application calls a user to encourage them to participate and explain the details of the mission.

Project scope

The game functionality includes the following features:

  • possibility to call to the user’s device at previously defined time;
  • capturing good quality videos on-the-move and and uploading them to YouTube;
  • placing photos in the application gallery where all the other players can vote for them;
  • playing the sent audio files at any speed via a special player.

Supported devices:

  • Android 2.2+ / 4.x / 5.x


  • FFmpeg library
  • Integration with Youtube
  • Integration with social networks