We value our customers’ preference not to reveal projects we have done for them in public marketing materials. So there are no names and direct links on the applications we have done, only description of functionality, expertise, and technologies.

Customer profile

Large European insurance company

Business needs

The customer had an issue with verification of financial documents by comparing data from different sources. The cards were managed in Excel tables using Excel macros, and comparison of balances from different sources was very difficult and time-consuming. The main aims of the system were:

  • to create a centralized database for different categories of staff to access;
  • to provide centralized reporting;
  • to automate comparisons between the accounts balances from different sources;
  • to provide an easy way for monitoring of accounts in different reporting periods;
  • to make sure that verifications are carried out at the required periodicity.

The accounts’ balances are presented in the system on so-called cards with responsible accountants associated to them.

Our solution

Noveo implemented a system for cards management which met all the goals above. All the previous cards were exported from Excel files. Management of the access rights, cards and reporting periods were introduced. The reports now compare and show differences between the balances from different sources, it is possible to export them to .pdf or .csv files. During the process of development Noveo team became experts in balances management and suggested several solutions how to optimize the process.

Technologies highlights

  • Oracle – as central data storage
  • Java – for business logic
  • GWT, GWT ext - rich client user interface
  • Hibernate – object persistent manager
  • Groovy – for data import scripts