Browser extension for sound messages sharing

We value our customers’ preference not to reveal projects we have done for them in public marketing materials. So there are no names and direct links on the applications we have done, only description of functionality, expertise, and technologies.

Customer profile

Leading French telecommunication company and mobile network operator

Business needs

Following his positive experience of working with Noveo, customer desired to give a new innovative challenge to our team: he asked for a solution to share sound messages on Facebook, Twitter and the websites of customer’s partners in the simplest way for user experience.

Our solution

Noveo suggested the format of browser extension allowing users to record/ play the sound on their Facebook/Twitter page in two clicks. Those who did not install it are redirected to Customer’s site where the sound is played.

Solution was implemented for four most popular browsers: Firefox, IE, Opera and Chrome. The implemented extension allows:

  • create a sound message of 2 minutes length and add a text comment to it;
  • share the message in Facebook and Twitter;
  • leave sound comments, statuses, send private messages in these two social nets;
  • leave sound comment on the sites-partners of the Customer.

Technologies highlights

  • Kango framework
  • PHP, MySQL, Node.js, Redis,, etc