Real estate price catalog

We value our customers’ preference not to reveal projects we have done for them in public marketing materials. So there are no names and direct links on the applications we have done, only description of functionality, expertise, and technologies.

Customer profile

European real estate agency.

Business needs

Customer has an iPhone application dedicated to estimation of the prices for real estate. In order to offer mobile functionality to a wider range of clients, customer decided to port the application to Android platform.

Our solution

Noveo implemented Android application with the design and functionality similar to the existing iPhone application. The application featured:

  • displaying precise price information on each building and apartment that is on sale;
  • tracking user geolocation using GPS and displaying real estate price in neighbor locations on the city map;
  • ability to search real estate on sale both by entering the name of the street or by directly pointing at the city map ;
  • augmented reality functionality: after pointing on a building its price tag is automatically displayed.

This project allowed customer to adapt its feature-rich application to a broader range of mobile devices, entailing the client base increase.

Technologies highlights

  • Android
  • Geolocation services
  • Augmented reality