Sound messages service

We value our customers’ preference not to reveal projects we have done for them in public marketing materials. So there are no names and direct links on the applications we have done, only description of functionality, expertise, and technologies.

Customer profile

Leading French telecommunication company and mobile network operator.

Business needs

Customer desired to create a social network which would allow sharing not only text but also sound messages (on Web, iOS and Android). The project was developed from scratch and was supported during several years by Noveo. Customer also appreciated team’s advices on usability and new features.

Our solution

Main functionality of the project:

  • registration in the social network and possibility to send text+sound messages;
  • public and private messaging;
  • geolocation of the messages;
  • integration with audio-guide service;
  • Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare sharing;
  • search by places, persons, or geographic areas;
  • multilanguage support.

Technical challenge: real-time data update.

Technologies highlights

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Integration with social networks
  • Google Maps and Fusion Tables
  • PHP, MySQL, Node.js, Redis,, etc.