Noveo will be glad to welcome a Middle/Senior React developer to work on our projects!

Project description

Major software development projects for world famous Western European companies (automotive concerns, telecommunication companies, banks, medical corporations, etc.)


  • 2-3+ years of commercial React / Redux / TypeScript development experience;
  • Experience of working with CSS-preprocessors (sass, stylus) and CSS in JS (styled-components, jss);
  • Knowledge of patterns/antipatterns of frontend development;
  • Experience in integrating automatic checking tools and maintaining high code quality (ESLint, Prettier, Husky);
  • Understanding of the principles of modular development and project assembly (Webpack, Rollup);
  • Understanding of the principles of profiling and optimization of frontend applications;
  • Ability to work with version control systems and CI systems (git, gitlab CI), understanding and following git-flow;
  • General knowledge of computer science, OOP, data structures and algorythms;
  • Ability to work with JIRA, Confluence or similar systems;
  • English of Intermediate level or higher (reading/writing technical documentation, communicating with development team).

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