Application for smart door lock management

Business purpose

The customer is a French tech company that provides smart access solutions. The company offers a smart access solution that increases security for connected devices by using Li-Fi technology as opposed to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The smart system allows the owner to manage all of the locks available to them, give access to other users, check the lock status, etc. That way the smart lock system owner can always track which doors are secured and protect their space from any possible break-ins.

IT staffing

The Noveo team was responsible for developing the front-end of the application using VueJS, while the customer’s side provided the design and the API. The web application was programmed to identify all of the smart locks that had been installed and wirelessly connect to them, therefore allowing the user to:

  • Generate, distribute and manage lock access rights with other users (un-/limited access to certain locks, during a set period of time).
  • Monitor the activity (who’s coming and going).
  • Implement the remote building management (control all the doors in the building, create a smart access system).
  • Leave notes to other users.
  • Check battery status of the lock.
  • Detect intrusions.


  • Vue.js

Project size

  • man-days
  • team