Application for sport achievements control

Business purpose

The customer is a leader of the whole industrial textile program run by a consortium of enterprises. The program is aimed to provide the sports world with a range of “connected clothes”, where the latest technologies are integrated into textile fiber. One of the products that should be offered to the public within the program is a web-application for monitoring user's sports achievements.

IT staffing

The customer entrusted Noveo with analytics, design and development of the application.

During the first stage of the project, Noveo analytics and design team, in close collaboration with the customer, elaborated the detailed concept of the product. After that, the development team proceeded with its realization.

The data for monitoring and analysis (number of covered kilometers, speed, training duration) is gathered not by a device, but by the sensors integrated directly into the sports clothes made of the customer’s textile. The application works on smartphones, tablets and PCs. It analyses the received information and allows the user to follow their own progress, set new goals and achieve them systematically, as well as share the accomplishments with friends by using social networks (Facebook, Twitter). The possibility of training gamification makes the application even more interactive.


  • Linux 2.6
  • Apache 2
  • Yii
  • JavaScript
  • MySQL 5
  • PHP 5.3
  • Angular.js MVW Framework

Project size

  • team