Central access system to technical equipment of a building

Business purpose

The customer, a worldwide leader in Remote Support Software, was one of the first on the market to recognize rich prospects of a Smart Home concept. As Noveo had already realized several projects for their company in the domain of remote control, the customer entrusted us with the development of their new idea.

IT staffing

The Noveo team created a complex system of centralized command and control of different technical devices in a multifamily residential building. The system consisted of a unified server with secure access to manage the appliances (fire alarms, detectors, etc.), and a client-program that allowed the user to control all the devices in the house and monitor their status. The program also offered the possibility to quickly find a certain device by given parameters.


  • C++
  • Linux
  • TCP/IP stack
  • Berkeley sockets

Project size

  • man-days
  • team