SaaS analyzing of a fetus state on prenatal care visits

Business purpose

One of the French hospital associations addressed to Noveo in order to create a tool allowing sonographers to make a patient analysis and verify the diagnosis in real-time, as there are more than 6000 fetus malformations that are hard to diagnose at the first prenatal meeting.

IT staffing

The Noveo team developed a system with the following functionality. A sonographer enters the information about the patient (gestation week, data, time, Patient ID, Organs etc.) and takes images of the fetus. If those images show something abnormal, they are sent to a folder on the platform via Web with a semantic description of the diagnosis the sonographer guesses. The algorithm proposes an "ontological" analysis, consisting of a series of factors that allow either confirming or refuting the initial diagnosis; it also gives similar diagnosis that the sonographer could have eliminated and different pathways to explore those possible diagnoses. The platform also sends reference images that will allow the sonographer to compare with his own scans. The sonographer completes the set of images needed to make a good diagnosis of the patient. The reference images that were sent by system are also packaged with the folder. In some countries, the sonographer is not a doctor, so the folder should be sent to the expert that will make a medical diagnosis.


  • Java
  • Apache Jena
  • Jersey
  • Maven
  • PostgreSQL
  • Spring
  • Tomcat
  • AngularJS

Project size

  • man-days
  • team