Solution for critical communications and mobility management

Business purpose

Our customer, a French IT company, having early realized that the Internet of Things would turn from a popular niche to a dominant market in the foreseeable future, came up with a unique solution – the first universal communications intermediary between heterogeneous technological environments. Due to lack of resources, the customer engaged one of the Noveo developers to join their team to realize this innovative solution.

IT staffing

Our developer participated in different development and integration works.

The solution was designed to connect any specialized IT systems with any telecommunications equipment. It represented a universal platform for critical communications connectivity where messaging rules, workflows and system connectors were all brought together.

The solution was independent of equipment and/or industry type, and was especially applicable to such domains as healthcare (medical staff getting a notification on their phone for patient call, biomedical device alerts, wandering and fall detection), centralized technical management (alerts, action triggering on threshold), security (resource mobilization: emergency plans, lone worker protection) and industry (technical and maintenance alarms, shop floor integration).

An unmatched advantage of the solution was its flexibility and simplicity of integration with any IT and communication systems, which meant that even old systems should not necessarily be rewritten.


  • Python
  • XMPP message bus (Prosody)
  • Django
  • Asynchronous/event-driven Tornado framework
  • RESTful Flask API

Project size

  • man-days
  • senior developer