Web application for consumer products testing and marketing

Business purpose

The customer owned a series of marketing web-services that allowed the users (consumers) to test out different brand goods (such as food, cosmetics, domestic equipment), estimate their quality and share their feedback with others. Other functionality also included involvement of brand representatives and Instagram influencers that could help promote the products.

The customer realized that some of their websites were burdened with technical debt, so they decided to involve Noveo in investigating and fixing the issue.

IT staffing

The main goal of the customer was to evolve and upgrade the existing series of services, as well as expand and enhance their functionality. The second aim was to migrate the solution to a newer version of Symfony.

In order to improve the applications, Noveo performed the following tasks:

  1. Creating functional autotests.
  2. Updating the site.
  3. Reducing technical debt:
    • Getting rid of duplications;
    • Adjusting the code to the up-to-date look and style;
    • Preparing technical documentation.

The functional part of the applications was comprised of:

  • User profile, Manage the account.
  • Notifications, Feedback forms.
  • Uploading and playing media files.

Testing and debugging were completely executed by Noveo too.


  • Symfony
  • MySQL

Project size

  • man-days
  • team