Independent testing

Independent testing is the most objective method of evaluating software quality before it is shown to users. Noveo provides a full spectrum of independent testing services:

  • Test strategy planning and management
  • Software test design
  • Manual, automated and unit testing
  • Onsite testing for sophisticated equipment

Launching independent testing from scratch includes:

  • Preliminary set-up, including establishing processes, configuring project, etc.
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Detailed planning, including milestones to be met
  • Offshore testing itself

Onsite testing might be conducted onsite at the customer's facilities if:

  • Transportation costs or risks of complex equipment used in testing are unreasonable
  • Projects require greater efforts in knowledge transfer

No time or proper documentation for detailed testing? Try fast and cost effective exploratory testing, which means high level overview of the product quality by "touching" all areas. This kind of testing doesn't use formalized test design with specified tests.

Completed projects: